NYON Potus

Doors-On Photo Flight

20 - 23 Minute Flight

Availability: 9/23 - 9/27

Departs from New York, NY

$263$239per seat

This POTUS Edition 20-minute VIP flight begins immediately as you depart from the East 34th St. Helipad in Manhattan. Your journey will take you down the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Governors Island, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, One World Trade, and much more!

Our skilled pilots will put you in the best positions to capture the most iconic city in the world.

Your NYON Experiences comes to an end as you approach the Empire State Building just before landing at the West 30th St. Helipad.

Book your 20-minute flight today, make your wish list, and we’ll take care of the rest.